Queen of Sock Pairing

"The acting is top-notch. Feliz is brilliant as a young woman trying desperately to find out where she fits, seeking real agency in her life....That she is so utterly likable as a performer enables us to sympathize with her from the outset..."

- Karen Topham, Chicago Onstage

"Elena Victoria Feliz is magnetic as Celia, at once vulnerable and resilient in her journey to empowerment. She's a delight to watch, emoting so much with just a look. ... Submit to the Queen of Sock Pairing!"

- Josh Flanders, Chicago Reader

All Quiet on the Western Front

“...a terrific, diverse ensemble cast led by the electric Elena Victoria Feliz in the role of Paul...so much...is communicated through Ms. Feliz’s eyes. It could be easy to dismiss her mostly silent role, but the performance and her character are the production’s moral, emotional and physical center...Ms. Feliz achieves this narrative feat using very little more than eye contact with her fellow actors, the folks in the cheap seats, even with the sound engineer. This young actress is going to do big things.

 - Becky Sarwate, The Broadway Blog

“Feliz does an excellent job in capturing the timidness, honesty and observance.”

- Mary Crylen, Chicago Stage Standard

“Feliz is rock solid in this fairly quiet role, acting as our observer while trying to hold things together.”

- Karen Topham, Chicago Onstage

Our Town
“Newcomer Elena Victoria Feliz makes an equally strong impression as Emily Webb; watch her warm, nuanced take on the soda-shop scene opposite Jaq Seifert’s George Gibbs, followed by her raw emotion in Act III, and you’ll be wanting to keep an eye on her next moves, too.
- Kris Vire , TimeOut Chicago
In the Heights
Elena Victoria Feliz, as Nina,... is a breath of fresh air. Feliz plays Nina so naturally with a furrowed brow and heavy conscience...and with a voice that sounds effortless. Feliz nails the pop tropes in the score and sings it like an actor would, a winning combination....Feliz sustains Nina’s conflicted, burdened disposition in such a believable way. She earns our empathy.
- The Buffalo News
This Boat Called My Body

"Elena Victoria Feliz makes a very likable and relatable Jane Doe; she's equally believable whether she's paralyzed by doubt or standing her ground against those who don't agree with her choices."

- Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader

"...played with authority, heart and nuance by Elena Victoriz [sic] Feliz..."

- Erin Shea Brady, Newcity Stage